Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mickey Newbury - Triad Studio Sessions, Eugene, OR,1991

Copy/paste from the web:

"In 1991, Newbury recorded some demo tracks at Triad Studios in Eugene, Oregon, as a favour to the previous owner. He wasn't satisfied with the tracks, mostly covers, and they were never released. But on the two occasions when he sings his own songs, he goes off into two- or three-song medleys, and these just may be some of the best stuff he ever did."

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Judas Eukaryote


01. Genevieve - Lovers - How Many Times (M. Newbury)
02. Pledging My Love (D. Robey/F. Washington)
03. They Will Never Take Her Love (L. Payne)
04. Unchained Melody (H. Zarat)
05. Ivory Tower (J. Fulton/L. Steele)
06. You Win Again (H. Williams)
07. Summertime (G. Gershwin)
08. Just Dropped In - Wish I Was (M. Newbury)


Mickey Newbury - guitar, vocals
Dale Bradley - cello


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