Sunday, May 16, 2010

Johnny Cash - American Outtakes Part 2

Part two of the Johnny Cash American Outtakes post. More great outtakes, this one has better sound than the other one, and some of the songs are so great that they should have been released officially. Well, they are still releasing albums post mortem, so it might happen. I Witnessed A Crime feat ZZ Tops Billy Gibbons are my favourite on this boot and worth the download time alone. The cover of Kris Kristofferson song To beat the Devil is also really good, btw, Kristoffersons original recording was dedicated to "John and June". The www says it was recorded in Rick Rubins livingroom betweein the 17. and 20. may, 1993.

Judas Eukaryote

Johnny Cash - guitar, vocal
Billy Gibbons - guitar on I Witnessed A Crime

01. For Heaven's Sake
02. I'm A Drifter
03. I Witnessed A Crime (with Billy Gibbons)
04. Banks of The Ohio
05. The Next Time I'm In Town
06. Breaking Bread
07. To Beat The Devi
08. Friends In California
09. The Caretaker
10. The Wonder of You
11. East Virginia Blues
12. Bury Me Not
13. I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal
14. Go On Blues
15. If I Give My Soul


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