Friday, May 14, 2010

Johnny Cash - American Outtakes Part 1

You know, this is almost as good as some of the official American Recordings, its stripped down as far as you can, only Johnny and his guitar. The sound is good(only some tapehiss), the tracklist is good, and his voice is still strong. Most of the covers "makes sense", not like on some of the rather strange choices on the later records. I think the recording is from 93 or 94, based on the songs and his voice. Also, Im pretty sure its Rick Rubin holding the mic. Its a bit confusing, since its two Cash boots with the same name, American Outtakes, but thats life, I will post the other one later, and that one is maybe the best of the two.

Turn on, drop out, Cash in
Judas Eukaryote

Johnny Cash - guitar, vocal

01. Cowboy's prayer/Oh bury me not Take 1
02. Cowboy's prayer/Oh bury me not Take 2
03. Just the other side of nowhere Take 1
04. Just the other side of nowhere Take 2
05. Drive on
06. Delia's gone Take 1
07. Delia's gone Take 2
08. Long black veil
09. The fourth man
10. Why me Take 1
11. Why me Take 2
12. Waiting for a train
13. Flesh and blood
14. Like a soldier
15. Go where I send thee
16. Loving her was easier Take 1
17. Loving her was easier Take 2
18. T for Texas Take 1
19. T for Texas Take 2
20. Down there by the train
21. East Virginia blue
22. Thirteen
23. The beast in me
24. What on earth



  1. i believe i know which the "other one" is and the other one is by far much better. may i ask: vinyl or cd rip?

  2. cd is the easiest and offers the best quality rip, so cd it is....
    both boots are good, so its matter of taste, i say, collect 'em all!

  3. Thanks for sharing the tracklists, glad to have stumbled upon the American Outtakes.

    Currently looking at Johnny Cash's career over at my blog.