Sunday, January 9, 2011

Removing 666

Got this on in the comment section:

"Dag E. Salsten said...

Hi Judas Eukaryote

Please remove your link to download the 666 album. Download is illegal and violates rules of copyright. I am manager of 666 and the man behind 666 LIVE albums on the label NO NOISE REDUCTION.

Mr Salsten."

The funny thing is that I was writing some stuff for my next 666 post, guess thats never gonna happen. Sure, its illegal to share copyrighted material, but at least I'm not selling a cdr with xeroxed covers and shit(or other mediocre bootlegs). I do not make any money on this, and those who do make money on bootlegs, they are the true assholes. Also, I hope that people who like what they hear do the right thing, and BUY the music. If they can find it that is. I hope you didn't download any of "my" stuff or any other criminal mp3 on the internet, I dont want you to loose any sleep at night.

If Mr. Manager reads this, I hope he can give us all a hint to where we can buy his stuff. The best would be if he made some new cd's, mastered, pressed and printed professionally (vinyl or silver cd). One disc, one track of each song, tree cd's with only ten songs on repeat is just to much. Then it could be worth something.

To bad we all cant be friends and enjoy music of all sorts, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Remember kids, buy music, support the scene and feed starving musicians and their managers.

Judas Eukaryote


  1. Hey dude, could you re-up it and send me a private link? It really sucks it got deleted. Even a bit hypocrite... How can I support a scene when everything is extremely rare and expensive? Support your scene? The only one I'm supportig when I could buy this record is Mr. Salsten himself. I refuse to support some asshole that wants money for everything he does and doesn't! Supporting the scene means sharing. Downloading is illegal? So was tapetrading, yet older metalheads can't stop gloryfying that.

    It's not my fault I was too young in 1998. Fuckin' pricks. They should be happy, people are interested, instead of grabbing the money out of our pockets at every chance they get...

  2. You can find my e-mail adress on my profile.

  3. hey faggot, I want that release. Upload that shit