Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Velvet Underground - Squeeze 1973

...or Squeeze some money out of Velvet Underground.
This album is the unholy grail in the Velvet Underground history, no original members, well, Moe Tucker was a member, but not included in the recording sessions. Doug Yule, a member of the band since the self titled record, Velvet Underground, where he replaced John Cale. Back to Squeeze, its not all bad,some good songs, some not so good,I think uneven is a good word for it. Its fair to say it's not a Velvet Underground album, in my opinion it lacks the Velvet magic(and most, if not all of its members), so it's a Doug Yule solo record under a more familiar band name. The album was produced by Doug Yule with some help from Ian Paice, known from Deep Purple, he also did the drums.

Oh well, the wikipedia article is quite good and you should read it.

I hope this one will finally get reissued, it would be cool to have it in the collection without spending shitloads of money on ebay.

Enjoy and remember, it may be written Velvet Underground, but its pronounced Doug Yule.

Judas Eukaryote....

01. Little Jack
02. Crash
03. Caroline
04. Mean Old Man
05. Dopey Joe
06. Wordless
07. She'll Make You Cry
08. Friends
09. Send No Letter
10. Jack & Jane
11. Louise

Line up:
Doug Yule – lead vocal, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar
Ian Paice – drums

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?i99adarhso98cnn

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