Monday, June 28, 2010

KILLL - Live at Øya 2006

DigiMetal. Extreme something meets extreme other thing. Organized chaos. Norwegian. Fuzz and crazy space effects. Just words. Listen to the sounds. I didnt cut it into pieces since its kinda hard to know when and where, also, its best to listen to the whole monster(ca 38min) in one.

Check out and

All the guys are known from other bands and projects, Martin Horntveth from Jaga Jazzist, Are Mokkelbost from Single Unit, Erlend Mokkelbost from J.R. Ewing and Espen T. Hangård from Noplacetohide.

Rejoice in the noise
Judas Eukaryote

Martin Horntveth - DigiDrums
Are Mokkelbost - DigiVoice, DigiBass, DigiSynth
Erlend Mokkelbost - DigiGuitar
Espen T. Hangård - DigiGuitar
Kyrre Heldal Karlsen - DigiLights

Killl - Live at Øya, Oslo, Norway 2006


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