Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maiden Voyage: A Wide Selection Of Grooves From Norway '66 - '76

This is truly a wide selection, the best and the weirdest from the Norwegian rock and jazz scene between 1966 - 76. Lots of great tracks and some not so good, most of it are from long out of print records and dusty archives. Its mostly jazzy fusion/rock/r'n'b stuff, a couple of covers and some film music, and a cool tape manipulation track from Arne Nordheim, who died not long ago. A review doesn't do this compilation justice, this is just something you have to listen to yourself. This compilation was released in 2002. Two others followed, and I might put them up later.

My favorite tracks are Misty Canyon, Wheels, Whine and Wail, Solar Plexus and of course Heaven and Hell, from the cult movie Himmel og Helvete, starring a young Lillebjørn Nilsen as a hash addict, a "true" drug horror story from 1969. Thats a surreal piece of Norwegian movie history worth hunting down. Hilarious propaganda. DUCK AND COVER!

Also worth mentioning are the great cover art by Tore Hansen, who usually write and illustrate childrens books.

Back on track with a one-way ticket
Judas Eukaryote


01. Sven Libaek And His Orchestra - Misty Canyon
02. Karin Krog - Maiden Voyage(Herbie Hancock cover)
03. Playmates - Leaving For Love
04. Egil Monn Iversen/Inger Lise Rypdal - Heaven and Hell
05. Difference - Outside
06. Kjell Karlsen's Orkester - La, La, La
07. Rain - Whine And Wail
08. Bendik Singers - Afrotid
09. Frode Thingnæs - Wheels
10. We-Be Karlsen - If You Could
11. Good News - Konklusjon
12. Little Earl Wilson And The Sapphires - I Can't Believe It
13. Karin Krog / Public Enemies - Watermelon Man(Herbie Hancock cover)
14. Arne Nordheim - Solar Plexus


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