Sunday, June 6, 2010

Martin Horntveth - Skull EP

Where to begin... Martin Horntveth is the drummer in Jaga Jazzist, and this is his solo project. Its pretty far from Jaga, but you can hear some influences in there somewhere. Its a bit hard to explain the music, its electronic cut up jazzy freak music. My advice is that you download, listen and judge yourself. This EP was released in 2003 and we are waiting for more. I also have his first solo EP, Fast Motion, I you want me to share it, give me some feedback in the comments.

Judas Eukaryote

Martin Horntveth - everything

01. 100%
02. Comic
03. Skull, Lights & Neonsigns
04. Sole (Remix)
05. Radio/Radio/TV/Sleep
06. Szakal Is Home For X-Mas


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  1. Please share fast motion !!! this guy is great (good bitrate please haha) thanks!