Friday, April 16, 2010

Blixa Bargeld's Rede/Speech live in Paris

Einsturzende Neubauten front man Blixa Bargeld has a solo live concept called Rede/Speech, its only him and four footpedals that allow him to loop his voice. With this tool he builds up melodies and soundscapes. He makes songs about the solar system, the DNA sequence of angels and printing machines. There is also a beautiful rendition of the song Johnny Guitar.

I think the show was recorded in 2005.

The sound isn't perfect, still,in my mind this is great fun from a great man. I think this is the one and only acapella stuff i ever have enjoyed. Get the Rede/Speech dvd, its so much better to SEE it.

DADA & thanks for looking
Judas Eukaryote

01. Solar System
02. Paralelle Minds
03. Angel DNA
04. Johnny Guitar
05. All I Can Hear Is A Printing Machine
(all titles are guessed by me, i don't know the official names)



  1. Great, thanks. I saw Blixa performing Rede in Helsinki and it was astonishing performance. Somehow I enjoyed it more than Neubauten gig which I saw few years later. I am a big fan of loop pedals and loop based music so it was fascinating to see and hear Blixa and "Mefisto" do their thing. Especially funny incident was when a photographer (professional... I believe) came at the side of the stage to take photos during the Solar System. Blixa didn´t like that too much so he told the photographer to 'get out of my universe' and told how he didn´t know that jupiter was an amateur photographer. Funny.
    I have a recording of that night´s performance, maybe I´ll upload that if you... or anyone... is interested.

  2. im VERY interested in that recording, i would love it if you could upload it, thanks man

  3. OK. I´ll check the recording if there is something to fix and I´ll upload it.

  4. So here is the (slightly incomplete) live set from Avanto festival, Helsinki 18.11.2005.
    There is an audible hiss in the background because I wanted to increase the higher frequencies. Otherwise it is ok for an audience recording and this has not been circulating anywhere else because I taped the show and it has been stored only in my private archives until now. As a bonus there is a professionally recorded sixth track which was ripped from official Avanto festival 2005 companion cd. Enjoy.
    I´m taking the advantage of promoting my two blogs: is a primary home site for my own musical creations. If you are into noise, drone, electronic experimental, dark ambient, musique concrete etc. go check it out.
    The other blog at concentrates on podcast style mix shows I made. Some weird shit and brilliant songs up there.

  5. Oops, sorry here is the whole link: