Thursday, April 8, 2010

Orcustus - Demo 2002

Orcustus - Demo 2002

Now, this is black metal(I think)!
Three great songs, nice and fitting sound, old school feel, a little black n roll, can the ears ask for more?

As the title says, this demo was released in 2002, only 1000x was pressed. The band is led by Taipan(vox) and with him is Enslaved's Dirge Rep(drums) and Infernus(bass) & Tormentor(guitar) known from Gorgoroth. Ivar Peersen produced the demo, with the band. All the music on this demo is written by Taipan.

The quality on this demo was so good the band ended up with a contract with the label Southern Lord Records. They released one selftitled album in 2009, also really good. If you enjoyed the demo, go buy the album, its worth the money.
They have also released two 7", Wrathrash in 2005 and World Dirtnap in 2003.

Im not sure if they are still active(lets hope so) and what todays lineup is, it has changed some since the demo was released.

One last thing, im looking for a decent cd ripper for my Mac, if you know of one, be cool and share it in the comments.

Thanks and "peace" out
Judas Eukaryote

And, yeah, the scans still suck hehe

Taipan - vocals
Infernus - bass
Tormentor - guitar

1. Death Becomes You
2. World Dirtnap
3. Lucifuge Damnation


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