Friday, April 16, 2010

Madrugada live in Berlin 2001

Norways favorite melancholic rock band, before they became really big. A bootleg recorded Planetarium am Insular, Berlin, 26.03.2001, the sound is pretty good and so is performance by the band. My bet is that this concert was on the tour for their second album "The Nightly Disease".

If you are not familiar with Madrugada you have to check out their two first albums, "Industrial Silence" and The "Nightly Disease", both masterpieces and a good place to begin. Madrugada disbanded after finishing theirs last album, after the tragic death of the guitarist, Robert Burås, in 2007.

Judas Eukaryote

Robert S. Burås: guitars
Sivert Høyem: vocals
Frode Jacobsen: bass
Jon Lauvland Pettersen: drums

01. Big sleep
02. A deadend mind
03. Shine
04. Sister
05. Hands up - I love you
06. Vocal
07. The nightly disease (Part I)
08. Quite emotional
09. Step into this room and dance for me
10. Belladonna
11. Black mambo
12. The nightly disease (Part II)
13. Only when you're gone


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