Friday, April 16, 2010

Charlie dont surf!

Charles Manson's "Lie - The Love And Terror Cult" album. 
Just adding this oddity, cult leader Charles Manson's attempt to get famous before the killings, something he didn't achieve, but we all know who he is anyway. To bad people had to die. Not much to say, recorded on the Manson Ranch in 1967-68 and the master tapes lost in obscurity until someone released it to cash in on his "fame" in 1970. Its straight forward hippie guitar jam music, and some of the songs are actually pretty good.

have fun
Judas Eukaryote

Charles Manson & the Family

01. Look at Your Game, Girl
02. Ego
03. Mechanical Man
04. People Say I'm No Good
05. Home Is Where You're Happy
06. Arkansas
07. I'll Never Say Never to Always
08. Garbage Dump
09. Don't Do Anything Illegal
10. Sick City
11. Cease to Exist
12. Big Iron Door
13. I Once Knew a Man
14. Eyes of a Dreamer


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