Friday, April 16, 2010

Lemmy plays country!

Well, among others things, on this record from 2000 he's playing coversongs with Slim Jim and Danny B. Johnny Cash, Elvis, Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins get their songs played by the coolest guy in hard rock, and it sounds cool, Lemmy's versions are true to the originals and not just some Motorhead-ish versions. I think it safe to say that this tribute to the roots of rock n roll, is coming straight from the heart. Like Motorhead, this music is also beer-friendly.

Hope you like it
Judas Eukaryote

Lemmy: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Slim Jim Phantom: drums,percussion, backins vocals
Danny B Harvey: electric guitar,keyboards, bass

01. Big River
02. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
03. You Got Me Dizzy
04. Cut Across Shorty
05. Tell Me How
06. Well... All Right
07. Take Your Time
08. Stuck On You
09. Love's Made A Fool Out Of You
10. Trying To Get To You
11. Not Fade Away
12. Fools's Paradise
13. Peggy Sue Got Married
14. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
15. Learning tthe Game
16. Matchbox
17. True Love Ways
18. Heartbreak Hotel


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