Thursday, April 15, 2010

Single Unit stuff....

Single Unit is Are Mokkelbost's one man band, he has released one album on Jester Records called "Family of Forces" in 2001 and a 7" called "Passion Pirates and Parasites" on Synesthetic Recordings in 2002. The 7" has three tracks that are exclusive to it, all of these and a live recording can be downloaded from this blog. The bitrate isn't very high on the live recording, this is because the source was the same. The tracks from the 7" are encoded in a higher bitrate, another positive thing is that they are not ripped from the 7", but from the master recording.

I should try to explain what Single Unit sound like, its fast and cut-up electronica mixed with fuzz guitar, usually no vocals. Kinda like a fucked up Aphex Twin beaten up with a fuzz guitar. Its only one way to find out if its you thing, try it out, download and listen, its norwegian music at its best.

Check out more Single Unit and other stuff over at, Killl is highly recommended. I will probably make a Killl post later....

also a single unit
Judas Eukaryote

Single Unit is one guy, Are Mokkelbost.

01. Walk@Zero
02. LOW
03. Walk@Hundred
04. Live 2003


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