Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mundanus Imperium(aka Nattefall) - Ode to the Nightsky

I dont have much info on this band,I just know they are from Hamar, Norway. The Mundanus Imperium demo is great, mid 90's symphonic black metal, in the vein of Covenant, Dimmu Borgir and Arcturus. If you like symphonic, atmospheric black metal with hints of classical music, you will like this.

They got a record deal, but changed style, they got Jørn Lande on vocals and started to play power metal or something. They release one album in 1998 before they disbanded, called The Spectral Spheres Coronation. To bad the band didn't continue with the style from the demo, it could have been just as good as the bands i mentioned earlier.

From the cover:
"This is the re-press of the Nattefall "Ode to the Nightsky" demo'96."

Judas Eukaryote

Lars "Grond" Wiik - guitars, bass, drums & vocals
Bent "Draug" Holm - all synthetic performances

01. Ode to the Nightsky
02. Winds of the Frozen Stars
03. Ridende På Nattenes Vinger


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