Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sam Gopal - Escalator feat. Lemmy

I dont know so much abouth this record, so I decided to copy/paste the wikipedia article.

"Sam Gopal (also called Sam Gopal's Dream) is an underground British Psychedelic rock band.

The band is named after its founder, Sam Gopal, born in Malaysia. From the age of seven, he played tabla, a northern Indian percussion that replaced drums in the band.

On 28 April 1967, the band performed at The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream, a UK Underground event organised by the International Times at Alexandra Palace. The line-up was Sam Gopal, Mick Hutchinson and Pete Sears. Other performing bands included Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, Savoy Brown, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Soft Machine, and The Move. Sam Gopal Dream played at the UFO Club, The Electric Garden in Covent Garden (later to become Middle Earth), The Roundhouse, and Happening 44. They later played the Christmas on Earth Show at Olympia in London with Traffic, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Jimi Hendrix later sat in with the original Sam Gopal Dream at London's Speakeasy Club.

After the original band broke up in 1968, Sam formed a new line-up which included vocalist, Lemmy. He was a singer-guitarist with Sam Gopal, before becoming the bassist of Hawkwind and, in 1975, the founder, singer and bassist of Motörhead.

Sam Gopal's album Escalator was recorded in 1968."

Escaltor is one groovy album featuring the almighty Lemmy, so sit back and enjoy.

Light up
Judas Eukaryote


Sam Gopal - tabla, percussion
Lemmy - guitar, vocals
Roger D'Elia - guitar
Phil Duke - bass

01. Cold Embrace
02. Dark Lord
03. Sky Is Burning
04. You're Alone Now
05. Grass
06. It's Only Love
07. Horse
08. Escalator
09. Angry Faces
10. Midsummer Nights Dream
11. Season of the Witch
12. Yesterlove
13. Back Door Man