Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My new blog and 666 Live II

Welcome, this is my first and may be my last blogpost.

First. The reason behind this blog, I was reading about Håvard Rem's book "Innfødte skrik", book about norwegian black metal, and to my understanding he writes that a band from tromsø called 666 was the first norwegian black metal band.
Im not sure if I agree, even if they are supposed to be some kind of first wave black metal(Venom, Celtic Frost etc), and not the black metal we know today(Darkthrone, Burzum, Emperor etc). Also, almost nobody has heard of this band, not even Greven, haha, to the point, I have some live recordings of this band that I want to share. Its recorded in 1982 and the sound sucks. But its fun and they have been mentioned in mr. Rem's book. Btw, I bought this cd for maybe 10 years ago, it was made in 1998. I may get hold of vol. 1 and vol. 3 and put them up to.

So i hope you enjoy these satanic punks from Tromsø.

Sorry about the crappy scans and my so called english.

If I end up posting more stuff, it will be some more rare and weird stuff.
Dont be afraid to leave a comment.

Almost forgot to explain the name, 99% of all records suck and you have to look hard to find what YOU like. You may or may not find it here,

Thank you for reading.
Judas Eukaryote


Alf Sigurd Krogseth - Guitar
Tom Arne Hermansen - Vocals
Knut Nilsen - Drums
Erik Smith-Meyer - Bass
Knut Seppelæ - Guitar

1. Smerten
2. Yorkshire
3. Alkohol
4. Ledera
5. Louie, Louie
6. Love And Kiss
7. Nokka Å Si
8. Smerten
9. Yorkshire
10. Alkohol
11. Louie, Louie
12. Alkohol
13. Louie, Louie
14. Lucifer
15. Smerten

Download: sorry, removed


  1. Anonymous said...
    LIVE 1 PLZ ????????????????????

    Hey anonymous dont be such a stupit, first of all you have to thank for this.

    Judas Eukaryote I really want to thank you for this super post, keep your blog going, i was looking for this album since time ago. Thanxs

  2. Thanks a lot for your majestic post.It is very important to know about the roots of heavy/black metal,bands like it,prior to the blacker Mayhem.

    Thanks one more time lml

  3. Hi Judas Eukaryote

    Please remove your link to download the 666 album. Download is illegal and violates rules of copyright. I am manager of 666 and the man behind 666 LIVE albums on the label NO NOISE REDUCTION.

    Mr Salsten.

  4. Fuck. Can you send me this album? my e-mail is triumphofdeath666@hotmail.com

  5. I guess you'll have to order it from No Noise Reduction, aka
    Dag E. Salsten.

  6. Dag E. Salsten I will see you in hell, you fucking bastard

  7. Oh come on! please share this album