Monday, April 26, 2010

Madder Mortem - Misty Sleep Demo

Five songs and 30 minutes of gothic metal from the norwegian band Madder Mortem, the demo isn't bad at all, actually its pretty good, and they got themselves a record deal with Century Media. This demo was recorded in 1997 and released the same year, only 500 ex was pressed. Its a nice mix between female vocals, angry guitars and some acoustic ones, and it all sounds more or less professional. They released their debut album Mercury two years later. They are still going strong and worth checking out.


Judas Eukaryote

Agnete M. Kirkevaag - vocals, keys
BP M. Kirkevaag - guitar
Christian Ruud - guitar
Boye Nyberg - bass
Sigurd S. Nielsen - drums,percussion

1. Under Another Moon
2. He Who Longed For the Stars
3. Sonatine For the Desired One
4. Lesser Times
5. Misty Sleep


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