Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Rape Of The Holy Trinity (Hot Records Compilation CD, Vol.1)

This is a compilation released on Shagrath's(from Dimmu Borgir) label Hot Records, it's packed with great Norwegian black and thrash metal and one synth... thing. Some of these bands made it and some of them are forgotten today. The back of the cd says the tracks are unreleased/remastered/remixed, so I guess they are somewhat rare. I decided to not include some of the tracks, the reasons are listed in the short track-by-track review.

So enjoy this cool compilation of what black metal sounded like 13+ years ago. The cd was released in 1997.

Black out
Judas Eukaryote

Tracklist and short track-by-track review and lineup:

01. Intro
All black metal records must have a intro, its the law!

02. Dødheimsgard - Symptom
I love the Satanic Art EP, so its cool to hear an early version. Its very raw and the Twin Peaks samples are gone.

Vicotnik - guitar
Aldrahn - vocal
Apollyon - drums
Cerberus - bass

03. Mundanus Imperium - Ode To The Nightsky
I posted the same recording earlier, so this one isnt included in the zip file, but check out the earlier post, its cool stuff.

04. Aura Noir - Heavens on Fire
I like this black thrash stuff, and this is a cool venom cover.

Aggressor - bass, vocal
Blasphemer - guitar
Apollyon - drums

05. Old Man's Child - A Kingdom Which Malice Embrace
Old Mans Child is a ok band, not my favourite, but its a nice track thats fits in on this compilation

Galder - guitar, vocal

06. Dimmu Borgir - Devils Path
Not included, this is not rare at all, its sold in a thousand different packages.

07 Enthral - Awaiting the Rise of the Forestgod
A long great track of by-the-book Norwegian black metal recorded in 1995. The guitar player is females, so thats what makes this one special I guess. They released some albums, but never really made it big.

G. Bratseth - guitar, bass
K. Hektoen - drums, vocal, synth

08. Mundanus Imperium - Winds of the Frozen Stars

same as track 4

09. Covenant - Dragonstorms
The first Covenant record is hard to get hold of, and thats to bad, since its really good, not as amazing as Nexus Polaris, but still... Dragonstorms are a great introduction to the In Times Before The Light album. Might post it later.

Nagash - vocal, drums
Blackheart - guitar, bass

10. Starkness - Unto the Darkly Shining World
Starkness is Shagraths(from Dimmu Borgir) solo synth project, its super cheezy, its cheezier than early Mortiis and Satyrs "Wongraven" project put together. Fun to listen to once, but not something you put on repeat. I think this is the only Starkness track that has been released.

Shagrath - synth, vocal
kimberly Goss - vocal

11. Nocturnal Breed - Dead Dominion
Hard rocking black thrash metal. Great. Members from Dimmu Borgir.

S.A. Destroyer - bass, vocal
Ed Damnator - guitar
Bitch Molester - keyboard

12. Old Man's Child - Black Magic
Slayer cover, really cool.

Galder - vocal, guitar

13. Aura Noir - The Tower of Limbs and Fever
More black thrash, still great. Darkthrones drummer Fenriz on vocals!

Fenriz - vocal
Aggressor - guitar, bass
Apollyon - drums

14. Nocturnal Breed - Raping the Angels
Awesome track! Nice end to great compilation.

S.A. Destroyer - bass, vocal
Ed Damnator - guitar
Bitch Molester - keyboard




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